Dairy Farmers

Zee Tags offers a full range of tags to meet all the requirements of the dairy farming in Australia.

The full range of tags consists of:

NLIS approved RFID tags. Also known as official tags, these tags are electronic (Low frequency) and are available in RFID FDX (Full Duplex). Both Breeder (white) and Post Breeder (orange) tags are available.

Z2 no tear tags™. The Zee Tags two piece tag range. Commonly used as a management option with the farm name, animal number and year code printed on the tag. Producers have 9 colours available to choose from and 3 sizes: Extra large, large and medium. Male tags are also available in button size. Learn more about Z2 no tear tags™.

Z1 no snag tags™. The Zee Tags one piece tag range. Available in three sizes (Extra large, large and medium), the extra large size due to its long neck, hangs lower in the animal’s ear offering high levels of visibility. These tags can be printed on both sides of the tag. Learn more about Z1 no snag tags™.

Other tags that are used for identification purposes are brass tags.


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