T-IS Glass Microchip

By Datamars

Key Features

  • Bio-glass transponder for unique pet identification
  • Easy and painless implantation
  • Syringe with "no return click system"
  • Totally passive, no battery
  • Compliant to ISO and Australian standards
  • Includes 6 adhesive barcoded labels
  • Supplied in disposal one-way syringe
  • Sold in boxes with 10 units
  • See technical data here
  • Microchip & Registration options available with Global Micro Animal Registry

Product Featrures:

Material and description: bio-compatible glass, encapsulated microchip containing an individual, preprogramed ID code in accordance with ISO Standard 11784/11785 and Australia Standards.

Special feature: our standard microchip comes with a 12 gauge stainless steel needed with "no return click system"


Package: each microchip is pre-loaded into a ready-to-use disposable syringe sterilized by EtO gas and individually packed. Each syringe comes in an individually wrapped, sterile, peel-open, blister package. Each syringe includes six corresponding, adhesive barcode labels to simplify documentation and record keeping.

For informaton and pricing about Datamars Microchips and Registration Options with Global Micro Animal Registry, please contact us.

To support our pet identification offering, we have teamed up with Global Micro Animal Registry who provide a national network of fellow pet-lovers and an advanced cloud-based technology system that will help you find and be reunited with your pet should you ever be unexpectedly separated.

Pack #1: Paperless Registration

  • 1 x Box of 10 Datamars T-IS Glass Microchips
  • 10 x Paperless registrations with Global Micro Animal Registry

Pack#2: Paper Registration

  • 1 x Box of 10 Datamars T-IS Glass Microchips
  • 10 x Paper Registration forms with Global Micro Animal Registry. The form can be sent by email or included with your microchip delivery. Email, fax or post the form to Global Micro.