Z2 no tear tagger™

Two piece tagger

Key Features

  • The unique double action snap back arm and flick out of the Z2 no tear tagger™:
    • Enhances health and safety for the animal and the farmer
    • Eliminates the compression of ears on application
    • Eliminates ripped ears
  • Ergonomic handles allows you to tag the animal’s ear either from the front or the back
  • Highly recommended for tagging cattle, sheep, deer and older animals 
  • Strong, durable and reliable
  • Spare pin is included with each tagger in the lower handle for easy access
  • Designed to apply NLIS approved tags for cattle and Z2 no tear tags™ (two piece tags).
  • See our tagging instructions

Application Guides

Z2 no tear tagger™ (two piece tagger)

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