Feedlot tags - for short term use

Key Features

  • Feedlot tags are single tags (one piece)
  • Apply with Z1 no snag tagger™. See our tagging instructions.
  • Unique surgical cutting tip reduces the risk of infection and potential disease transfer
  • Low cost solution tag recommended for short term use only
  • Suitable for live exporters
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Available in 14 colours and can be custom printed with Laser Print or PureBlac

Customising your tags with logos

Logos may be printed on all tag sizes, however, extra charges apply depending on the logo and its format as follows:

  • Logo submitted in High Resolution (EPS format): $10
  • Logo submitted as PDF or JPEG: $30
  • Logo submitted in any other format: $60
  • Further changes to a logo already set up: $10 per change
The above charges only apply for new logos. If we already have
your logo in our system, and you require to modify it, there will be a $10 charge.

All charges are exclusive of GST.

Colour Range

Feedlot tags are available in a range of 14 colours.

Yellow, Dark Purple, Dark Pink, White, Dark Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Black, Light Green, Peach, Light Pink, Light Purple, Light Blue.


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