FET tags

for sheep and small animals

Key Features

  • Fast and easy to apply single shot tag
  • Available in RFID HDX and as a non-RFID
  • Its lightweight material makes it a great option to tag lambs, adult sheep, goats, and small animals in general
  • Proven retention
  • Laser Print delivers premium contrast and high visibility of the information printed on the tag
  • 9 colours available
  • Apply with Zee Tags FET tagger
  • Download an order form

Available in HDX and Non-RFID (Visual)

Available as RFID HDX and Non-RFID, FET tags are 80mm in length and can be custom printed on both sides of the tag (female and male printing areas).

  • Female side fits up to 8 characters
  • Male side fits up to 12 characters - this is the side that sits on top of the animal's ear and normally printed with the animal's number.

In RFID tags, the HDX transponder is inserted in the Female portion of the tag.

Available in 9 colours


FET tags are available in Black, White, Orange, Light Green, Light Purple, Yellow, Red, Light Blue and Light Pink

How to order


For Producers in Victoria

Victorian sheep and goat producers can order FET tags over the internet from the DEPI's Online Tag Ordering System and process payment through its credit card facility. To access the system, click on the following link: www.depi.vic.gov.au/nlis

For Producers outside Victoria

Zee Tags FET tags are available through all rural reseller stores - click here to download an order form to bring to your local store.


Australian Year Colour

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Light Blue Black White Orange Light Green
2020 2021 2022 2023 Post Breeder
Light Purple Yellow Red Light Blue Light Pink

Application Guides

FET Tags Instructional Video

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