NLIS tags

Official Tags

Key Features

  • Renowned retention supported by trials
  • NLIS compliant
  • Superior readability enhanced by the transponder being protected in epoxy resin
  • The flexibility of the male tag eliminates snagging
  • Designed to be loaded in any way into the Z2 no tear tagger™ without the risk of damaging the chip on application
  • Fast, easy and safe application
  • Apply with Z2 no tear tagger™

Breeder VS. Post Breeder

  • Use NLIS breeder tags (white) for livestock you have bred and that are still on your property.
  • Use NLIS post breeder tags (orange) for livestock you have purchased and that are not already identified with an NLIS device.


Apply with the Z2 no tear tagger™

NLIS tags from Zee Tags, Breeder and Post Breeder are exlclusively designed to be applied with the Z2 no tear tagger™.
See our tagging instructions and videos.


NLIS tags Printing Requirements

NLIS tags are externally printed with a 16 character number. The customer serial number is speficied by the producer. The image below explains the meaning of all the characters that should be printed on a NLIS tag.

Application Guides

Z2 no tear tagger™ (two piece tagger)

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