PAZ pump action tags™

Key Features

  • NLIS approved
  • PAZ pump action tags™ are supplied in strips of ten tags for faster loading and faster tagging
  • The PAZ pump action tagger™ ensures no tag wastage during application
  • With proven superior retention supported by trials, these tags are suitable for sheep, goats and calves
  • The tags can be printed on both sides. Up to twelve characters can be printed on the female and male portion of the tag
  • Laser printing ensures bold and defined characters
  • Lightweight
  • Apply with the PAZ pump action tagger™. See our tagging instructions and videos

PAZ pump action tags™ are available in 12 colours

Yellow, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Light Green, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Dark Green and Black. Sheep Post Breeder tags are Pink.

Application Guides

PAZ pump action tagger™

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