TagFaster Tags

Electronic & Visual Tags for Sheep & Goats

Key Features

  • Easy and fast to apply automatic tag supplied in strips of 20
  • Available as an Electronic Tag (RFID HDX) and Visual (Non-RFID)
  • Its lightweight material makes it a great option to tag lambs, adult sheep, goats, and small animals in general
  • Bold and defined Laser Print delivers premium contrast and high visibility of the information printed on the tag
  • 9 colours available
  • Available to Victorian Producers via the DEPI website
  • Producers outside Victoria, can order via their local Rural Store. Download an order form here to bring into store.
  • Apply with TagFaster applicator


How to order

For Producers in Victoria

Victorian sheep and goat producers can order TagFaster tags over the internet from the DEPI's Online Tag Ordering System and process payment through its credit card facility. To access the system, click on the following link: www.depi.vic.gov.au/nlis

For Producers outside Victoria

Zee Tags TagFaster tags are available through all rural reseller stores - click here to download an order form to bring to your local store.

Colour Range

Our TagFaster range of tags is available in 9 colours in both the HDX (Electronic) and Non-RFID (Visual) option.

Fast and easy to apply with the TagFaster applicator.


Our TagFaster range of tags is exclusively applied with the automatic TagFaster applicator. The applicator is loaded with a strip of 20 tags minimazing the time spent on loading individual tags.

The TagFaster applicator has been designed to tag sheep and goats from either the front or back of the ear as well as in marking cradles. 

Every applicator includes a Hand Plier tagger in case the tags are required to be applied individually. 

Download the TagFaster application instructions here.


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